USPTO as the Largest Producer of Legal Rubbish
and a Heaven for Frauds

The Trademark Office at USPTO creates large amount of legal rubbish by registering illegal trademarks of generic terms and descriptive terms and issuing registrations and renewals blindly and arbitrarily without required legal documents.

Cooperatively, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) makes all its effort to protect the legal rubbish, to serve their own interest for more opportunities and more power, and to please the legal industry to suck US Citizens and the business community.

This kind of abuses at USPTO lead to inflated and unnecessary legal battles between businesses, as more and more legal controversies created at USPTO. Financially weak US citizens and business owners are the major victims of the legal battles, which ends with extreme unfairness in favor of the financial and political powers.

Larry Garcia has been a typical victim of this corruption of the US government bureaucracies and legal system, as discussed in the linked page.

The routine abuses and corruption at USPTO has been invading and depriving off the rights of the generic public in freely using generic names and descriptive terms. The majority of people and small business owners cannot afford the litigation costs to fight for their legal rights, and have to keep silent when they are sucked. It is especially true that Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) does everything with its strong power in hands to protect this kind of garbage.

USPTO is the real culprit to protect fraud and keep mountains of illegal registrations in the Principle Register, and must be accountable for the sufferings of weak Citizens such as Larry Garcia, Professor Masquelier, current Petitioner, probably many other unknowns.

The junk trademarks harbored in the Principal Register and the trademark frauds protected in a solid legal barricade by TTAB at USPTO violate many Federal Laws, such as Antitrust Laws, and FDA regulations.

This corrupt TTAB system is simply unacceptable to the business community. The US government has to reform this bureaucracy, improve its work efficiency, and stop its abuses to register generic names and descriptive terms as trademarks.

Ordinary and weak US citizens have to stand up against the corruption in all possible ways. The US government only demonstrates a few examples of fighting corruption to the public. Generally, you won’t be able to hear or very rarely hear anything if your report a corruption case to the government. The corruption at USPTO that leads to unnecessary legal battles between businesses erodes businesses’ competitiveness and damages consumers’ interests. The corruption is becoming more and more aggressive to threaten the national security. Ordinary US citizens are mostly weak but have to strand up for themselves in all possible ways. This website is constructed as a small contribution to fight government corruption:

Self-Serving Legal system in US

Laws in the human society are supposedly made to protect the general public to prevent bad things. However, some laws are evolved and corrupted to protect bureaucracies and bad guys, because they are made to serve the financial power and government powers by corrupt power holders. This is just one of the aspects that this US legal system is corrupted.

Practicing lawyers / attorneys definitely strive to get more and more money-making opportunities. The money-making motives drive some illegal and unethical practices in the legal system to suck ordinary citizens and the business community. Some government agencies and even courts are corrupt to serve their own interests by creating more and more legal garbage, and drag simple legal cases on and on to please practicing lawyers.

United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) is a typical one of such corrupt bureaucracies, which create legal rubbish in trademark registrations, renewals and cancellation proceedings.

Corrupt USPTO

Weak Ordinary US Citizens Must Stand Up, Or  Corruption Will Prevail.
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